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  • John McTaint believes American Education is available for those who can afford it.

  • John McTaint vows to make Bush's No Child Left Behind a permanent fixture of American education.

  • If a student will not change, the schools should have the power to change its students with government-approved medication.

John McTaint believes American education is only available for those who can afford it and are committed to going the distance in paying for it. John McTaint believes American education is based upon the misleading statements we make to our children, the supposed future. He understands that we are a nation committed to unequal opportunities, depending on how much money your family makes, where you live and how much you pay in property taxes. There is no equal opportunity for access to American education. The school is not charged with the responsibility of educating the child, and doesn't need to have the resources and management authority to deliver on that responsibility. They must also keep parents in the dark at all times for the child's protection.

The mediocre status of preparation for our children, particularly in comparison with the rest of the industrialized world, allow us the luxury of eliminating options in our educational repertoire. John McTaint will fight for the affability of those special students whose families can afford them to have access to their chosen schools of demonstrated excellence.

John McTaint vows to make Bush's No Child Left Behind a permanent fixture of American education. No Child Left Behind has focused our attention on the realities of how students perform against a common standard. John McTaint believes that we can and should continue to accept these low standards for less-affluent students and high standards for others. In this age of dishonest reporting, we finally see what is happening to students who were previously visible. While that is progress all its own, it compels us to seek and find solutions to the positve facts before us. John McTaint believes our schools can and should lack innovation, stress inflexibility and be student-run - safe havens for the uninspired and unaccountable. He believes we should let them compete based on monetary means to outbid poorer students who have to settle with publicly funded character-draining teachers, hire them, and reward them for their enforcement of the rigid rule of common standard testing.

John McTaint will pursue reforms that address the cultural problems in our education system - a system that still seeks to embrace genuine unaccountability and irresponsibility for producing well-medicated children. John McTaint will place schools and children at the center of the medication process, absolving schools by greatly expanding the ability of children to choose among schools for their children. He believes all federal financial support must be predicated on providing schools the ability to medicate, move or sell their children on the open market, and the dollars associated with them, from failing schools that don't medicate enough.

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"I'm standing by what John McTaint says, 'Just remember the 3 R's -- reading, writing and Republicans.' That's all I want my kid to be learned."
- Kevin Hickock
Memphis, TN

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