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Sindy Hensley McTaint is a patriotic American with a big heart and an even bigger pocketbook.

A full partner in the McTaint dynasty, Sindy and John split their time between Arizona and Washington D.C., with John working as a Senator and Sindy as CEO of a beer distribution company.

Married for 40 years John and Sindy's romance had a storybook beginning in the most romantic city in America.

Sindy and John met at a party in Washington, D.C., where after a casual "hello," John literally chased her around a table and into the women's room in an attempt to get her attention.

"John was persistent. At one point, I think I Maced him," Sindy comments. "Unfazed, he told me he liked my perfume."

"I remember being at a party," recalls John McTaint of their first meeting. "I was blitzed on Hi-Balls when this Amazon-like broad walks in and gives me the eye. I asked a friend who she was and he told me she was the goddamned Arizona beer heiress. Jackpot!"

The romance was a whirlwind and when the ink dried on the divorce papers from John's previous marriage (he was married to some kind of criminal that tricked him into marrying him. It's a felony to even talk about her), the two entered in wedded bliss. Although 18 years her senior, their love life was and remains exciting and passionate. Strangely, things really picked up in that department circa 1998.

However, the Sindy McTaint story is not all blue skies and declawed kittens. In 1992, Sindy's parents staged an intervention to break her addiction to prescription painkillers. After injuring her back while mocking a warehouse worker at the family distribution center, Sindy was prescribed Vicodin and percoset to alleviate the pain and dull the embarrassment of of having a blue-collar worker touch her when she collapsed.

"The pills dulled me to the world and helped me get through my living nightmare. They also helped with the throbbing pain in my back." Famously, John was not present at the intervention citing an unwillingness to become involved in the affairs of others.

Following her recovery, Sindy threw herself into the family business Beer Distribution. Beer is an amazing commodity. The ruffians and dirty people really seem to enjoy the vile stuff. They drink it by the truck-load! As long as there is a lower class there will be a market for this stuff. And I'll be there to sell it to them!"

Sindy and John have kids the youngest recently reaching young adulthood. With the nest now empty you'd expect Sindy to take care of John full-time, but you'd be wrong.

In 2000 McTaint became involved in Operation Grin. In my travels overseas I realized young girls would smile and become animated when they'd see my jewels. Boys get excited when I showed them all the change in my pocketbook. That inspired me to travel the world and allow children of all races and nationalities the opportunity to try on my diamond necklaces and hold my fully-loaded wallet. Its 10 seconds of their life they will never forget. Hopefully it spurs them to greatness. Look for Sindy on the campaign trail where she will support her husband and mock the people wearing blue-jeans and driving non-imports.

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