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Use this calendar to find the latest events for John McTaint 2008!


Pole Vaulters for McTaint, Bakersfield, CA

Overeager pole vaulters who didn't make the cut of the U.S. Olympic Team offer a friendly gesture with their hands as a way to show support for their candidate, John McTaint.


Pavlovian Fruit Dish Seminar, San Carlos, CA

John McTaint is excited to be attending the Pavlovian Fruit Dish Seminar. Salivate to your hearts content at more than three different booths, all Pavlovian-oriented. San Carlos welcomes John McTaint to the podium for meat-flavored fruit.


Shut-Ins for McTaint stadium event, Truckee, CA

(Cancelled due to low advance ticket sales, better luck next time, shut-ins!)


Short Men With #2 Pencil Fetishes For McTaint rodeo, Reno, NV

The SMW2PFFM is very excited to welcome presidential candidate John McTaint to the 2nd annual rodeo spectacular, featuring the clownish antics of Bronco Billy Bunion and Hard Hammer Hilton. Attendees are encouraged to wear their pajamas to the event.


Earth-Friendly Aeronautical Address, Elko, NV

Everyone in Elko who's earth-friendly is for John McTaint. Without the earth and being friendly toward it, society would perish. Who would want such a thing? Not us nor John McTaint. Bring your pets!


Positivity Through Passivity, Roswell, NM

Who wants to be passive? We do! We are the New Mexican Positivity Through Passivity movement sweeping much of northern Roswell. Join us with John McTaint and display your passivity.


Middle Class Pioneers, Santa Fe, NM

John McTaint welcomes all middle class pioneers to this pioneer-making seminar. Special section of the show includes John McTaint and Fidgety Frank on the keyboards.


Echo Chamber Depository Debate, Albuquerque, NM

Yell, scream, shout, fiercly rant, and elevate your voices as one at this special debate held exclusively in the heart of New Mexico, where the ranchers do play. Bring your earplugs!


Money For McTaint, Las Vegas, NV

As John McTaint wisely says, Money First! We've got to get more money, and we need you to give it to us. Give more than you can. Now. I said, now!

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