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What keeps McTaint up at night - it's not foreign policy

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In the NewsIn The News

09.26 John McTaint takes time to relax and have fun this week, looking for good TV shows to watch besides 'The Hills'
09.25 John McTaint agrees 'in theory' to allow wife Sindy to go to Burning Man and campaign for his campaign
09.22 John McTaint's American Hero Camps gain steam amongst octogenerians
09.22 John McTaint declares war on rapid change movement and vows to protect America against change

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Upcoming EventsUpcoming Events

09.06 Positivity Through Passivity, Roswell, NM
09.07 Middle Class Pioneers, Santa Fe, NM
09.08 Echo Chamber Depository Debate, Albuquerque, NM
09.09 Aiming High with Coast Guard, El Paso, TX
09.30 Common Man Renegade Bonanza, Houston, TX
09.31 Truckers For American Lambskin, Crawford, TX
10.01 Chewy Meat Chompers rally, San Antonio, TX
10.01 Super Patriot conference, Dallas, TX
10.02 Charity Benefit For Shoeless Actresses, Burbank, CA
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